For over 30 years, Dunmore and Throop have been home to one of the largest landfills in the state of Pennsylvania. Now, Keystone Sanitary Landfill wants to expand their operation for another 50 years, adding over 100 Million Tons of trash and create a mountain of garbage twice the current height. It is our belief that we have taken our fair share. Enough is enough.


• This mega-landfill currently accepts over 7,200 tons of trash per day.
• Only 36% of waste is from Pennsylvania; 64% comes from NY, NJ, and CT.
• 38% of  in state waste comes from fracking drill cuttings and fluids.
• Lackawanna County represents 1.65% of the state's population, but bears the burden of ~10% of the state''s waste. 
• It is built over mines known for subsidence. 
• The Phase 3 permit application admits the landfill is leaking into our ground water.
• It is only 450’ from the Dunmore Reservoir #1, our backup drinking water supply.
• The run-off from the open sores of the Phase 3 trash mountain will not be treated and will be discharged directly into the Lackawanna River via Eddy’s Creek.
• The landfill accepts fracking drill cuttings and drilling mud. The cuttings are mixed with small amounts of naturally occurring radioactive elements, particularly radium-226.
• The percentage of Residual Waste continues to increase.
• High volume landfills (500 tons per day or more) decrease adjacent residential property values by 13.7% on average according to Richard C. Read in his article “Do Landfills Always Depress Nearby Property Values?” The bigger the landfill, the lower the home values
• Foul smells waft over the area often and reach over 4 miles in radius.
• Seagulls carrying disease and fracking contaminants coat our local lakes and reservoirs regularly.

And of most concern:

• Studies have shown living near landfills can reduce immune system function and lead to increased risks of certain types of cancer, including bladder, brain and leukemia, among people who live near landfills. Further, a study by researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine also found that babies born to mothers who live near landfills have a significantly greater risk of birth defects.

Our area already has cancer rates higher than the national average. We cannot be exposed to any more risk. And this is not a case of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). We have allowed the trash from NY and NJ into our backyard for decades. This is a case of enough! Simple as that. 

As More facts come to light, we will be sure to share them here.