DEP & EPA Meet With Landfill Behind Closed Doors

WE'RE CONFUSED: Al Magnotta has already admitted that "treated leachate" was discharged into the Green Ridge Line last week (due to pump failure for the dedicated line) at that same time a foul smell from that sewer line caused the evacuation of St. Joe's and Sleep Inn. Now he seems to be saying that if the pump breaks down the pre-treatment plant stops working and raw, untreated leachate pools in lagoons. QUESTION: If the pumps were broken and the plant was down, then how could the leachate running through Green Ridge possibly be "treated"? He seems to be back-tracking when he says that even if it was untreated, “the untreated stuff really doesn’t smell too bad.”

Excerpt from the Times-Tribune, October 2, 2015:
The pumping station that ordinarily sends treated leachate through a dedicated line that runs through Dunmore’s Bunker and Sport hills and on through Scranton’s Hill Section has an automated connection to the landfill’s on-site treatment plant, Mr. Magnotta said. When the pumping station goes off-line, so does the plant.

That plant was shut down early Sept. 25 through Thursday morning, Mr. Magnotta said. When that happens, leachate can pool in the landfill’s lagoons that hold 11 million gallons.

Landfill staff and DEP officials searched for evidence of some type of gravity line that led from the pump station to the sewer line, but no such line exists, he said.

Even if it did, it does not explain the smell, he said. The landfill’s treatment plant strips out the type of chemicals the DEP measured above manholes that night and “the untreated stuff really doesn’t smell too bad,” he said.

Al Magnotta states: “We provided them [DEP and EPA] a lot of information and maps they don’t have."

Paraphrasing a comment to the Times-Tribune article,
how is that possible given the fact that KSLis requesting a new 50 year permit? At this point, DEP should have all that information and they should be able to describe in detail every single process and square foot of the operation.