KSL Wins Zoning Challenge; FOL to Appeal

Friends, due to the extremely close relationships and powerful influence in Dunmore, it is not surprising the Zoning Hearing Board has ruled in favor of KSL, however, we are confident we have the law and facts in our side and we will take this to the next level. We are very optimistic and we would not have appealed this if we weren't confident we will ultimately win it.

In the mean time. It should be noted that this same Board believes the residents of this community don't even have a right to stand up and ask that their zoning ordinance be enforced! Basically, they just threw the us under the bus! That is preposterous!

Also, it is concerning they think that there is no limit to the height of a structure unless it has a roof. Share with us the things you might build in Dunmore as high as your heart desires!