The Pope & Our Environment

Regardless of anyone's religious beliefs or lack thereof, it is still encouraging to see a leader with global recognition like the Pope bringing attention to the environment. In today's Times-Tribune, the editorial staff points out, as the Pope did, that most areas that are environmentally degraded are poor areas. In fact, Dunmore is an Environmental Justice Area because of the level of poverty. We are watching environmental injustice play out before our eyes and we refuse to watch any longer! We can't let places like St. Joe's, where the most fragile among us reside, be evacuated due to putrid smells from leachate and air that had measurable VOC's (most of which are cancer causing carcinogens). Friends of Lackawanna is here to give us all a place to raise our voices, protect our community, and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Let your legislators know that your vote will be with those who are against the KSL expansion.

Excerpt: The quest for environmental justice is indeed one of the great challenges of the modern era...Around the world, environmental degradation tends to be centered in poor areas.