News on the DEP's First Environmental Assessment Review Letter

From WNEP coverage:
The people who have been most vocally against the landfill expansion aren't satisfied.

"For us, there's not a happy compromise, you know, we've done our fair share for society and enough is enough," said Michele Dempsey of Friends of Lackawanna. "So, right now we feel that more harms are being added to our community and no benefits are really coming back from this and it's time to stop, enough is enough."

Excerpts From The Scranton Times:
The state Department of Environmental Protection requested the designs and a litany of other information from the Dunmore and Throop operation after finishing its first environmental assessment of the nearly half-century expansion proposal.

The agency issued its initial review in a letter to Keystone on Tuesday and released it to the public on Friday.

“Our initial reaction is that we are pleased to see that the DEP is taking many of the public’s concerns into consideration and are thoroughly evaluating them,” said Dunmore resident Pat Clark, one of the organization’s leaders. “However, just as we have (said) since our first reading of the harms/benefits analysis, it remains exceptionally clear that the overall harms for this project clearly outweigh the benefits.”