Letter to the Editor: October 3rd

Well said, Patricia Sheehan!

Fast landfill ruling

Editor: On Monday, the Dunmore zoning board held its final meeting regarding the Keystone Sanitary Landfill to address the question of whether the facility is a structure or is not a structure.

After months of testimony from both sides, the final meeting was over in the blink of an eye. The appeal by Friends of Lackawanna, a landfill opposition group, regarding the findings by the zoning board officer, was denied. I would say that no one was really surprised by the outcome, but what I was surprised at was the way the meeting was conducted.

The board might have been expected to say something regarding the opinion it rendered. An insight into how the members arrived at their decision was when they thanked all concerned from both sides for the time and energy put into the testimony and research on the issue.

The meeting started with opening procedures, a motion was made to deny the appeal, the motion was seconded, a roll call was taken and the meeting was adjourned. I think both sides deserved an explanation for the ruling.

One concerned citizen before the meeting said if she had a cutout of Pope Francis, she would have brought it to the meeting. I don’t think the pope, with his concern about the environment, could have helped us in Dunmore.