5/8/2015: Friends of Lackawanna Opens New Arena in Landfill Fight

Friends, we are appealing the 10 year operating permit that DEP granted to KSL. This is separate from the 50 year Phase 3 permit, which is still under review. Our position is that the landfill is not being run well now, so it cannot be allowed to expand. As core member, Pat Clark, points out, the more we keep digging, the more existing problems and issue are revealed. We will appeal to the Environmental Hearing Board (EHB). The EHB can rewrite the permit, shorten it from the 10 years granted, impose conditions, etc. Everything is on the table.



For clarity, here is an outline of our separate, but ultimately connected efforts that are currently underway:

1. Zoning Appeal
We are currently in the process of our zoning appeal in which we are arguing the landfill is a structure and should be limited by Dunmore's height restrictions. We have rested our case in front of the zoning board and now KSL will present their case. The next hearing date is May 14 at the Dunmore Borough Building.

2. Challenging the Expansion
We are in the process of writing our updated Harms and Benefits analysis that will be submitted to the DEP within the next month or so. This document lays out our reasons as to why the expansion cannot be granted and demonstrates that we believe the Benefits do not clearly outweigh the Harms (and in fact, we believe the opposite is true).

3. Challenging the Existing Operating Permit
This is the appeal we filed yesterday arguing that due to all of KSL's current operating problems, it should not be allowed to continue to operate, let alone expand.

All three of these actions are independent of each other. But all three remain connected and directly related to our overall goal - to stop this landfill.

If you have any questions on any of this, please feel free to post it here.

Lastly, and as much as ever, thank you to everyone for your continued support and work towards our mission. We are making a difference.