Letter to the Editor 3/31/2015: Skyscraper of Trash

Well said, Matthew Pendrak! Thank you!

Skyscraper of trash

Editor: I attended the Dunmore zoning board hearing on March 19.

The issue at the hearing was whether expanding Keystone Sanitary Landfill upward by 165 feet would violate the borough’s 50-foot restriction on heights for structures.

Dunmore code enforcement officer Joseph Lorince seems to think that it does not violate the limit. Marc Jonas, an attorney for the landfill, concurs with Mr. Lorince and contends that “it certainly is not a building or a structure.”

Friends of Lackawanna, a group of concerned citizens opposed to the expansion of the landfill, is appealing what it believes to be Mr. Lorince’s erroneous interpretation of the zoning law.

I agree. They now do battle with Mr. Jonas and his team to correctly define that a structure of garbage extending 165 feet upward would indeed be a massive skyscraper of trash.

A prospective witness for Friends of Lackawanna, J. Lawrence Hosmer, came with impressive credentials and 43 years of experience in dealing with landfills. He was, in my view, quickly dismissed with prejudice as an expert on the matter by the zoning board.

Residents of Jefferson Twp. and the surrounding area deserve the best future for our children, along with a safe and sound environment.

A skyscraper of trash shouldn’t be our children’s legacy or our area’s claim to fame.