6/11/2015: Landfill Rests Case in Zoning Hearing

Closing arguments for the zoning appeal will be August 6th. The black letter reading of the zoning ordinance dictates the height of structures. We are not surprised that an expert being paid by KSL disagrees (even though when asked he said he didn't know how much he was being paid or what his hourly rate is--apparently, only his secretary knows).

Mr. Yeager also again contended the zoning board was not giving Friends of Lackawanna’s challenge a fair shake, this time because the board accepted Mr. Zadlo as an expert witness.

The zoning board in March rejected Mr. Yeager’s expert witness J. Lawrence Hosmer, a 43-year civil/geotechnical engineer specializing in waste management, because of his lack of specific knowledge about Dunmore and Keystone.

Mr. Yeager said at the time he sought general testimony about what goes into engineering and constructing landfills, and he argued on Thursday Mr. Zadlo should not have been allowed to testify about broader matters than Dunmore as a result.

“The double standard that this reflects and that this testimony is all aimed at supporting is a further reflection of our denial of a fair process,” Mr. Yeager said.