7/10/2015: Wall Street Journal Article on Landfills and Property Values

Richard Ready is quoted in today's Wall Street Journal. He says high-volume landfills (equaling or exceeding 500 tons of waste a day) drop adjacent property values by 13.7% on average, with that pricing impact decreasing by 5.9% a mile. Keystone Sanitary Landfill accepts 7,250 TONS OF WASTE PER DAY, putting us squarely in the high-volume column.

FOL contacted Dr. Ready and he wrote a letter for us that we submitted with our Harms-Benefits Analysis to the DEP stating, "My analysis estimated that 99.8% of large landfills have a negative impact on nearby residential property values."

We cannot permit this landfill to continue to destroy the value of our greatest investments, our homes, that we have worked so hard to own. What is that cost to you? ‪#‎Don‬'tDumpOurFuture