7/3/2015: Dunmore Council Mum On Landfill

Thanks, as always, to Tim Burke for being our voice.

A week after Dunmore Borough Council missed a deadline to weigh in on Keystone Sanitary Landfill’s nearly half-century expansion plan, four councilmen among a five-member majority who claimed to oppose the proposal are not talking about it.

The quintet first publicly said they opposed the controversial plan when members of anti-expansion grass-roots group Friends of Lackawanna packed council meetings last fall and questioned borough lawmakers about their positions on the controversial plan.

Councilman Timothy Burke, who individually sent state regulators a letter opposing the plan several months ago, said he proposed a special meeting to vote on sending a collective letter as borough representatives before the deadline for the state Department of Environmental Protection’s environmental assessment.

But the rest of council did not express any interest in meeting, he said.