Editorial: Don't Let Fee Boost Landfills

The Times-Tribune Editorial Board nails it on the head!

Landfills must be taxed to compensate for their massive environmental and economic impacts. But that also makes the government dependent upon them for revenue. Consider the symbiotic relationship between the state government and the casino industry. Harrisburg smiles on gambling expansion without regard for its vast negative social impact because the state government itself is a croupier.

Mr. Blake says he wants to fund more recycling to help mitigate the impact of the proposed massive expansion of the Keystone Landfill in Dunmore and Throop. But he shouldn’t be focusing on mitigation. His object should be to stop the expansion, which is contrary to the public interest in many ways.

Dunmore Borough’s government already has demonstrated that it can’t cut its umbilical cord to landfill cash.

State officials should not create any new incentive to make the landfill expansion look attractive. It would be a blow to Northeast Pennsylvania whether the fee is $6.25 or $8 a ton.