"Scranton's Future: What's Next?"

"Scranton's Future: What's Next?" At a forum discussing the future of the area held on 4/18/2016, Michele Dempsey reiterated FOL's unwavering stance, “I’m a huge believer in the future of Scranton, and the future of Scranton doesn’t start in full until the landfill expansion is stopped.”

Also, thank you Senator Blake for reiterating your opposition to the expansion and the kind words about FOL.

Sondra Myers moderated the discussion and some of her comments are directly on point, “We’re not so naive as to yearn for the good old days. Neither are we so complacent as to be satisfied with the present...What we are aiming to do is choose a future that’s economically viable, committed to excellence in education, culture and healthcare, and in general a sense of well-being.”

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