Environmental Issues Addressed, Landfill Says

In an article released on September 19th, Times-Tribune writer Kyle Wind documented the latest episode of the back-and-forth between the DEP, KSL, and FOL. Keystone recently submitted a 264-page response to the DEP's second environmental assessment letter that claims that they have, "mitigated everything to the most current, best-available technologies out there." The response then separates Keystone's efforts into problems "completely" mitigated (such as water quality concerns, increased runoff, devaluation of properties, noise, and road deterioration) and "mostly" mitigated (odors, landfill gas emissions, dusts, pests, litter, risk of fires, unsafe or overweight vehicles, dirt and mud, and the visibility of such a large landfill). FOL was quick to challenge these claims. Here's FOL's Pat Clark's response, as quoted in the article:

"This document and the logic used within it is an insult to the people of northeastern Pennsylvania. They cannot completely mitigate or reduce the harms. In fact, the harms have continued to increase and will only escalate with 100 million tons of garbage piled on top of what's already there." 

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