Letter to the Editor: Andrew Durkin

The next generation has spoken! In today’s Letter to the Editor, 14 year old Andrew Durkin gives logical, inarguable, common sense reasons for denying the expansion. Are you listening DEP? #Don’t dump our future.

No landfill expansion

Editor: I am a 14-year-old resident of Dunmore and want to share my opinion on the proposed expansion of the Keystone Sanitary Landfill.

I believe that the landfill expansion would be bad for Northeastern Pennsylvania for several reasons.

I’m concerned that the landfill will harm the air and water quality in Dunmore and Lackawanna County. For example, on some days I can smell the landfill in my backyard and that is before any proposed expansion.

The expansion would be an eyesore in the Lackawanna Valley. It would be taller than almost all the buildings in this area. The most noticeable thing in the valley would be a mountain of garbage.

The majority of the garbage will come from other states, so it’s not even benefiting the people of Lackawanna County.

The homes near the landfill will go down in value. Owners won’t be able to sell them because no one will want to buy a house near a landfill, especially if you can smell it.

For these reasons I believe that the landfill’s expansion request should be denied.