An independent engineering report “identified dozens of unanswered questions”.  We must demand answers.  Join us for the DEP Public Meeting on February 25 at 6pm at the Dunmore Highschool Auditorium to let the DEP know we don’t want an expansion that will allow the landfill to continue to further harm to our community!

Times-Tribune, Scranton, PA
Brendan Gibbons, Staff Writer
February 18, 2015

Independent engineers found discrepancies and missing information in Keystone Sanitary Landfill’s proposals for managing stormwater and groundwater, though they found the application “meets industry standards.”

However, they identified dozens of unanswered questions. Efforts to reach the firm’s president, Rick Bodner, were unsuccessful.

Mr. Lukasewicz [ Throop council President ] pointed to a series of findings that stood out to him: Although DEP regulations do not impose a limit on landfill heights, the department has historically imposed height restrictions on some landfills based on visual impacts, the report states.

Mr. Lukasewicz also worries Keystone will one day accept most of its waste from industrial processes, such as natural gas drilling, instead of municipal garbage.

He characterized the stormwater issues in the report as crucial, including how the landfill’s stormwater runoff interacts with Eddy Creek.

“How can you even entertain this without knowing where the stormwater is going to go?” he asked.