Chris Kelly sees Friends of Lackawanna as integral to the future of our area. Thanks to all of you, we believe he is right.

Times-Tribune, Scranton, PA
Chris Kelly
January, 4, 2015

It’s considered gospel that you [smart, young Scranton area professionals] have all left for greener pastures, but I know you are out there and more sentient and energetic than grazing cows. Friends of Lackawanna, a group of young professionals who oppose the Keystone landfill expansion, is engaged in a classic David vs. Goliath fight. They haven’t backed down, and win or lose, we are all better for their struggle.

As dark as the horizon seems, I have never been more hopeful about our prospects. The landfill expansion is an unprecedented opportunity for Friends of Lackawanna to expand the scope of its activism. The landfill is its natural focus now, but being a player in and for the future should be its ultimate goal.

Revolutions are built on small victories over large targets. If you believe Scranton has a future, make 2015 the year you pulled together and sparked it.