According to today’s Time-Tribune article and recent ads, Keystone Landfill is offering tours to the public.  Friends of Lackawanna were invited and our response is in the article and the excerpt below.

Times-Tribune, Scranton, PA
Kyle Wind, Staff Writer
January 24, 2015

Landfill officials would be willing to take Friends of Lackawanna members on a tour, Mr. Magnotta said, but the idea got a chilly reception from the group’s leaders.

“A tour would not change the minds or resolve of the Friends of Lackawanna,” said Michele Dempsey, a core member of the group. “A state-of-the art landfill is still a landfill, and it does not belong in the middle of a thriving residential community. No matter how well-run or state-of-the-art this landfill may be, it still stinks, attracts dirty birds and has contaminated our ground water for over 12 years. It is also still subject to incredible risks for environmental disaster and will negatively impact our health, property values, reputation and quality of life.”