William, we couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you for this thoughtful and spot on Letter to the Editor.

Depressed enough

Editor: In the region’s early years, the coal companies provided great economic growth and jobs. In the process of extracting precious anthracite, they despoiled the landscape and left ugly scars.

The mess from mining has largely been cleaned up, though some work remains.

In 2014, we know better. We are very aware of environmental hazards that can come with industry and usually take measures to minimize or eliminate them.

It is my strong opinion that a landfill, especially in an inhabited, metropolitan area, is a serious threat to our health and self-esteem. The powerful odor from Keystone Sanitary Landfill causes me to close my car windows when I drive along the Casey Highway.

I don’t even like to contemplate the noxious evil ooze that surely is brewing in that pile, threatening to leak into our water supply and the Lackawanna River.

Our area is depressed enough. Young people are leaving in droves. Residents are dissatisfied with our declining way of life. The low self-esteem surely would be magnified by being considered as the dumping ground of the East Coast.

I can see New Jerseyites and New Yorkers chuckling as they drive through and gaze at that potential eyesore. It is infuriating. The greater good of the valley should be put ahead of profits.