Keystone landfill hikes Scranton’s disposal charge to offset higher host fees landfill pays - Headline from today’s Scranton Times.

Excerpts: Published: December 4, 2014

Keystone Sanitary Landfill in Dunmore told Scranton its trash disposal tipping fee will go up 80 cents per ton starting Jan. 1, because of “increased host fees” the landfill will be paying.

An 80-cent spike will cost Scranton around an extra $20,000 next year to dispose of garbage at Keystone, said Scranton Business Administrator David Bulzoni.

“This increase is a result of increased host fees that Keystone will be required to pay,” states the letter from Keystone’s Business Manager Dan O’Brien.

The letter was mailed four days after Dunmore Borough Council on Nov. 24 approved a pact with Keystone landfill that will nearly triple the host municipality fee the landfill pays to Dunmore. That pact, a $15.63 million agreement, could turn into a $191.7 million agreement over nearly 50 years if the state approves a large scale expansion the landfill wants.