November 3, 2014

A fantastic letter to the editor in the Times Tribune today by Katherine Mackrell Oven!


Editor: In an Oct. 19 op-ed article, Albert Magnotta tries to make a case for the benefits of the proposed Keystone Sanitary Landfill expansion.

Mr. Magnotta quantifies the estimated financial benefits to the state and regional economy as $3 billion over 50 years. However, he neglects to quantify the potential damage to property values due to the fact that no one will look to purchase homes in Dunmore, given that the landfill’s new height will be higher than five Bank Towers buildings.

Has anyone taken into consideration the health care costs that may be associated with a plethora of illness potentially linked to living in close proximity to a landfill?

There are vast expanses of undeveloped, unpopulated areas throughout Pennsylvania far more suitable for this mountain of garbage.

So when Mr. Magnotta says the harms are minimal, I disagree.

People of our area deserve the opportunity to live and raise our families in a safe and healthy environment.