5/24/2015: Half of the garbage disposed of in PA goes to five counties

Dumping Ground

Lackawanna County takes in 10.6% of the state's garbage, but takes in MORE trash per capita than any other county.  For every resident in Lackawanna County, 10.7 tons of trash was dumped in our local landfills last year. That's 21,400 POUNDS of garbage for you, 21,400 lbs for me,  21,400 lbs for your neighbor, 21,400 lbs  for your child... and  the list goes on and on.  Comparatively, for the other top 4 counties in the state who accept waste, it ranges from 2.1 to 6.4 tons per person.  

The real travesty is that a county of 211,000 residents, many of whom are of a lower economic demographic, many of whom are elderly and already dealing with the scars of the mining industry, are also the recipients of the most trash per person in the state. When will enough be enough?

We should be encouraged by the fight of the Tullytown, PA and Florence, NJ residents. They took on the number two largest landfill in the state and won. I have no hesitation that Friends of Lackawanna can do the same with Keystone Sanitary Landfill. Our fight has just begun. Join us!  Let's stand united in our message - Don't Dump On Out Future! 

For more information on Lackawanna County's trash intake, check out today's article in the Sunday Times. For more information on the Tullytown, PA landfill closure and fight, check out Citizens Against The Smell of Tullytown