6/9/2015: Dunmore Council Fails To Oppose Landfill Expansion

Friends, please contact the Dunmore Council members or come to the council meetings and encourage them to send a letter to the DEP opposing the expansion. Thank you!

Borough council on Monday again declined to send state regulators a formal communication opposing Keystone Sanitary Landfill’s controversial expansion plan, meaning representatives will almost surely miss the public comment deadline.

Despite that, DEP would still be willing to accept feedback on the nearly half-century expansion plan from Dunmore council, agency spokeswoman Colleen Connolly said before council met Monday.

“We would consider any new information right up until we make our final environmental assessment decision,” Ms. Connolly said.

On Monday, Mr. Burke said attorney Bill Jones still had not provided an answer [regarding whether sending DEP a letter opposing the plan could result in any legal consequences that would hurt the borough] .

Pat Clark, a leader in the anti-expansion grassroots group Friends of Lackawanna, expressed frustration council still was not prepared to weigh in.

Mr. Burke said he was disappointed by the result but was pleased to learn DEP would still accept council’s feedback later.