6/30/2015: Letter to the Editor

Robert Rembecki questions the lack of investigative reporting by WNEP and WBRE investigative news teams regarding the KSL landfill expansion in this well-stated Letter to the Editor.

Dead air on dump

Editor: After viewing television commercials for WNEP and WBRE promoting their hard-hitting investigative news teams, I find it incomprehensible that neither station has televised an investigative segment on the proposed landfill expansion issue. Placed against a grass-roots movement of “common folk” who have galvanized a community for a righteous cause against one of the most influential men in the state, it is an embarrassment to those news organizations.

Perhaps WNEP and WBRE can archive old segments from Mike Wallace’s “60 Minutes” exposés to find out how it’s done.

Is an event that is likely to have an impact on our area for generations not worthy of a thorough, fair and balanced investigative segment?