6/30/2015: Letter to the Editor

Jim Kelly asks where the garbage will go if KSL closes in this Letter to the Editor. If you know Jim, please invite him to like our page because this question has been asked and answered many times. Alliance landfill has enough permitted space to handle our local garbage for 38 years.

We are also working hard to encourage PA to change the regulations to provide incentives for reuse and recycling to continue to reduce the waste stream to landfills, as well as looking into better technologies than stacking our garbage on top of plastic liners and covering it with grass.

I didn’t and still don’t have a ready answer as to where our garbage would go, only that we would rely on hauling vendors to solve this problem. From my point of view, for those who oppose the landfill expansion, I have yet to hear or read, thus far, what alternatives would be put forth by opponents of Keystone’s proposal. This could change my opinion or attitude on this issue completely, if viable alternatives are lacking or nonexistent.