7/21/2015: Editorial

Another eye-opening column by the Times-Tribune Editorial Board. There is a massive illegal trucking operation associated with hauling dangerous fracking waste upstream from our drinking water supply and the township looked the other way!! You, your children and your families drink this water. We have the power to stop this! Raise your voices. Protect your families. Enough is enough!

Roaring Brook Twp. is zoned, at least on paper. But, apparently, there is no zoning unless someone complains.

Incredibly, as reported Sunday by Jim Lockwood of The Times-Tribune, township zoning officer Paul Kozik and the township supervisors looked the other way for years as a trucking operation took root and grew in a conservation zone upstream from Lake Scranton — a reservoir responsible for the drinking water of about 160,000 people.

The site, clearly visible on Google maps, is owned by a company of which Dunmore businessman Louis DeNaples is president. According to Mr. Kozik, the trucking operation has something to do with the natural gas drilling industry. It includes a garage, a pond and space for many trucks.