7/22/2015: Chris Kelly - Some Minions Aren't So Cute

In today's Times-Tribune column, Kelly's World, Chris Kelly states, "Real-life minions are a clear and present danger to real people." Our drinking water could be poisoned due to the intentional ignorance of municipal leadership, government agencies and politicians. It is this kind of complacency that has made our efforts to stop the landfill expansion exceptionally difficult. We know there are so many people out there who agree with our efforts, but won't or feel they can't get involved. Help break the status quo with us.

Contact the DEP and your local politicians and demand answers to the following questions that have been posed in the media:

* Why did the township allow a public road to be made private?
* Who permitted the bridge over a stream that leads to our primary reservoir for drinking water?
* Who inspected the tankers?
* Where did they draw water from (Lake Scranton or a tributary)?
* Were they paying taxes on this illegal operation?
* Shouldn't the DEP be investigating this?
* Should law enforcement be investigating this and if the tankers crossed state lines can the FBI start a probe?
* What was in the tankers and where was it dumped?
* Why were they not cited?