7/26/2015: Chris Kelly - Despicable D

If our local politicians (with few brave exceptions) had half Chris Kelly's courage, the rampant misuse of power, money and influence would not be allowed to fester in this area. Chris is saying what everyone is thinking or is afraid to say. Fear and complacency is why the path of citizens to protect their health, environment and homes has been so difficult. What do you do when the agency that is going to make the decision on a landfill expansion that a 5 year old can tell you is wrong and should not happen, is turning its back on the serious offenses committed by its owner, such as those that have been revealed in the Times Tribune, until the white hot spotlight is put on them? And even then its a gentle slap on the wrist. Is it possible that the DEP would not deny the permit for fear of exposing their own complacency? We hope not. We also hope that the people of this area and, especially, our ELECTED politicians have the courage to speak out and do what is right. Stop letting our area get dumped on out of fear, or worse, because you stand to personally gain while the rest of us lose. ‪#‎Don‬'tDumpOurFuture

Note to television “news” outlets who brag about their “investigative journalists”: If a potential threat to the drinking water of 160,000 people doesn’t draw your interest, maybe you should stop running gritty ads about how tough you are between spots for Mount Airy Casino and Resort. Staring stone-faced and backlit in red is no substitute for real reporting.

What we know for sure is that the Roaring Brook property was not zoned for a trucking business. Mr.DeNaples used it for a trucking business. Those who profess to wonder why average, unconnected people in this region don’t trust elected officials and regulatory agencies and believe the game is rigged against them need only look at this fiasco to understand why.